AMD Ryzen 3000 Leaked by Gigabyte

AMD Ryzen 3000 Leaked by Gigabyte

Ryzen 3000 leak

With CES right around the corner, and the keynote being led by AMDs own Lisa Su, the highly anticipated Ryzen 3 series rumors and leaks are starting to pop their head up. Today we are going to take a look at two specific leaks that have surfaced recently.

The first leak comes from E-Katalogs website that lists the Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 series of the Ryzen 3000 family. The Russian website lists a slew of details including core counts, base and boost frequency and TDP. For anyone paying attention, the specs line up extremely close to the AdoredTV leak that ran last month (you can view that here). When I first saw this leak last night I was very skeptical and simply assumed that they had copied the specs from the AdoredTV video as place holders or for visibility. That was until the next leak.

Twitter user Blaze (tweet can be seen here) posted a screenshot of an apparent bios update for the X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi motherboard that specified support for new Ryzen 3 family CPUs. In the image (featured above) you can see that the board added support for the R7 3700, 3700x and the 3800x. I was not able to verify the page myself as it was gone when I attempted to look it up (Bios F7d), but it does make you wonder. One issue I do see with this leak is the lack of support for any of the R5 or R3 series CPUs from the 3000 family. Notice in the listed CPU support table, all other 3 and 5 series CPUs have support, but for the 3000 family only the R7. An oversight on top of the blunder from Gigabyte or an under thought fake? Well, thats for everyone else to decide. Its easy enough to edit webpages these days and to take screenshots, but again, it could be true.

All this said, its best to be pleasantly surprised when the 3000 series launches than disappointed if these leaks turn out to be fake. While personally being excited for AMDs next event and what they are going to announce, its better for consumers and more importantly, AMD that products aren't hyped to incredible heights in the chance they can't attain those expectations. We have learned this time and again with AMDs launches. Wanting AMD to do the incredible, knock Intel and Nvidia down a notch and deliver amazingly fast products at great prices, and being let down by our own hype when they launch decent products at decent prices. So lets keep it in check, take this as a fun rumor and see where it goes.