RTX 2060 Details Leaked

WhyCry at Videocardz (article link here) working his magic again. This time to reveal the details for the rumored RTX 2060. Not so much a rumor now as there have been numerous leaks about its existence, now we have the official Nvidia reviewers guide information (though second hand). I would say take this with a grain of salt, but my faith in WhyCry is pretty well founded.

The RTX 2060 is a ‘replacement’ for the GTX 1060 based on the Pascal architecture. I say ‘replacement’ because in reality this is outside of the price bracket that xx60 series GPUs are normally found in, and actually residing where xx70 GPUs found themselves. This is all thanks to the use of the 12nm node, the inclusion of integer cores (which are on a 1:1 ratio with CUDA cores) and the addition of Tensor/RT cores.

Outside of the leaked specs and gaming performance, another interesting tidbit of information came out as well. Battlefield V is getting DLSS support. To date, only Final Fantasy XV has received DLSS support and only at 4k. Nvidia has stated this is just a beta implementation and we should expect updates in the future (I think I’ve heard this before). As for Battlefield, we have no official statement on DLSS from the developers or Nvidia, so its a two for one leak really. It also appears to be differentiating itself from Square-Enix in the fact that its supposedly going to work at lower resolutions, in this case 1080p.

The RTX 2060 is supposed to be revealed on the 7th of January (Though Nvidias keynote is on the 6th), and will be on sale starting January 15th.

Ok, on with the data which I’m sure most came looking for. Below you will find tables containing the spec in line with the rest of the RTX lineup as well as the performance in titles at 1080p and 1440p. Oh, and one last bit, the FE model will not be marked up over MSRP unlike other Turing (and Pascal) cards.


RTX 2080 TiRTX 2080RTX 2070RTX 2060
RT CORES68463630
Memory Clock14Gbps 14Gbps 14Gbps 14Gbps

Gaming – 1080p

Gaming - 1080p
GAMESGTX 1060GTX 1070GTX 1070 TiGTX 1080RTX 2060
Battlefield 1101122141153154
BF V7294104113110
Deus EX: MD5473828781
Doom 4110144168178154
Fallout 4104120128133126
Far Cry 5719199102101
Hitman 27286868884
ME: SoW6386949998
Sniper Elite 47191115124111
Strange Brigade73101115128116
VR Mark Cyan114153180194222
Witcher 3 HW5778949994
Wolfenstein 27498116121138
Avg FPS66.284.1696.1102.698.1

1440p – Gaming

Gaming - 1440p
GAMESGTX 1060GTX 1070GTX 1070 TiGTX 1080RTX 2060
Battlefield 17392105115114
BF V5472788985
Deus EX: MD3548545955
Doom 47599119126108
Fallout 46688101107101
Far Cry 54966758177
Hitman 25169777978
ME: SoW4156636972
Sniper Elite 45266839181
Strange Brigade5172819183
VR Mark Cyan7196113123140
Witcher 3 HW4358707470
Wolfenstein 25067818494
Avg FPS48.864.375.281.277.9

As for settings used, we do not have the reviewers guide in hand so we cannot say. The test system used was a 7900x with 16GB of ram (odd configuration no matter how you look at it).

In addition to this leak, there are other leaks pertaining to the 2060 mobile variant as well. The mobile RTX 2060 should be based on the same core as the desktop part (much like Pascals lineup). There is a leak that suggests there is another 2060 variant that sports just 1536 cores. I personally believe that this is the ‘1160/1660’ variant that wont support RTX at all, and is based on the TU116 chip. Not much is known about the other chips at this point, but I suspect that these do not support the integer cores, rt cores or the tensor cores. That is just speculation on my part though.

Twitter User APISAK caught the 2060 in the AOTS benchmark

Numerous entries have been loaded into the Geekbench 4 Compute database, all of which are mobile variants. A few from HP and others that appear to be from Clev