Titan RTX Review

Gaming Benchmarks

With the gaming benchmarks, all games are ran at ‘Max’ in game settings, so all sliders maxed out with the the exception of resolution scale. The benchmarks are separated between resolution, and separate charts are used for stock vs overclocked results. Due to a limited time constraint and hardware on hand at the time, this is a singular graphics card review that will be updated overtime as we are able to test other GPUs. 

Stock Results

Overclocked Results

All test settings remained the same between stock results and overclocked. The overclock used here was an increase in power limit  (114%), a 150 offset to core, and 500 offset on memory. This results in an average GPU clock of 2070, and memory running at 7500 (or 15Gbps effective)

SLI Tests

Multi GPU technology is been used for many years to give users a boost over single GPU configurations. Over that time, support has been slipping more and more to the point where you’re pleasantly surprised when a game launches with SLI or Crossfire support. With many newer engines trading off mGPU support for temporal solutions, the library of games that support the archaic tech is dwindling and fast. For instance, Dices frostbite engine has for many users been a staple for mGPU support, with about all of their games supporting it. That is, until Battlefield V. The reason behind this is still a mystery, but given a guess, I would have to assume that developers are making even more heavy use of temporal effects which makes complications for mGPU setups. Regardless of the reason, SLI and Crossfire appear to be in their death throes being forever replaced with temporal solutions and fast single GPU setups. Until that time comes though, we will continue to bench mGPU setups for you.

1440p Stock

4k Stock

As always, mGPU isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Scaling is almost never perfect, artifacts or stuttering can appear, and worst case, you get negative scaling even when attempting to just use one GPU.

At 1440p, you can see that CPUs have a hard time keeping up with the two fastest GPUs in existence. Especially in the case of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. When ran in DX11 mode, there is actually negative scaling. This was ran multiple times to confirm it wasn’t just a bug. Both GPUs were being utilized, but the end result was they couldn’t be properly fed. Another interesting result to take note of here is that the scaling in DX12 is better at lower resolutions on Nvidia, while DX11 is still the champion for higher resolutions.

Witcher 360% 76%
Ghost Recon: Wildlands22%37%
FarCry 55%35%
Rise of the Tomb Raider36%78%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider71%97%
The Division58%78%
Watchdogs 236%67%
Deus Ex Mankind Divided DX1246%54%
Deus Ex Mankind Divided DX11-1%49%
Mass Effect Andromeda83%88%
Sniper Elite 470%84%